Monday, 18 July 2011


In order to allow songs to be played at any time censorship takes place, they make many restrictions which can include :
Blanking- The volume is muted for the entire uncensored word for example blanking out swear words in songs
Beeping- Playing a beep or sounds over all of the word or part of the word
Repeating-Repeating the word used before the explicit word is used, canceling out the explicit word
Skipping-Deleting the word from the song without time delay 
Echo-Instead of saying the word, a word from the previous line is echoed. 
And Many More ..
However due to Censorship many video's have been banned or have only been played after the watershed of 9pm, some examples of these are : 
Cher ' If I Could Turn Back Time' was banned from being played on the music channel MTV due to her very minimal about of clothing worn in the video, which MTV found too revealing in 1989, to this day the video is only played post-midnight on MTV and the 'Clothing' worn still remains iconic. Offical Video For If I Could Turn Back Time

Madonna ' Justify My Love' was also banned in 1990 by MTV because it was seen as just too explicit, with scenes including Bisexuality, Sadomasochism and Erotic Sexual References, unfortunately the video is just too erotic for me to display a link, so here is a Newspaper Article On The Banned Video You can also see the official Madonna Website for more information here and too see more videos of Madonna's her official Youtube site is Here.

Marylyn Mansons video for his song 'Saint' also caused some controversy with the censorship. When his video became scrutinized, and Marylyn had to take the blame for somehow being responsible for the Columbine School Shootings, from the content of the heavy metal video.
The video can be found on Youtube still, but has an age restriction of 18, however this does not necessarily stop teens from gaining access to the video, as anybody could lie about their age in order to watch the video. This highlights how un-effective the media online is today with age restrictions and many more things.
A more recent video to cause controversy was Rhianna's video for S&M, which has been banned in 11 countries so far and cut from Radio 1's playlist. The video features Rhianna sucking on a banana and simulating sex with a blow up doll. MTV have re-edited the music video in order to produce a suitable version for the day time TV. The un-edited version can be found on Youtube and Post Watershed on MTV, however on Youtube they have placed an age restriction of 18 or over in order to watch the video.
The article of all this information can be found from this link S&M Banned Article.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mini Video - Jason Donavon

Unfortunately i missed a week of school so i missed out on the Britney Day where the two media groups re-created their own version of the classic Hit Me Baby One More Time and an introduction to the Final Cut program we will be using to edit our music videos. However In order to help us get to grips with making a music video in the build up too our coursework next year, we split into groups of 5 and chose 1 song out of 3 that we were given to make a mini vid for. My group only started filming on Friday for our song Jason Donavon ' Too Many Broken Hearts In The World' so we are a little bit behind, we are going to film a few more clips on Monday and then begin editing using Final Cut, which is a more advanced program to I Movie which we used last year for our Film Opening.

For our Mini-Vid we decided to make the video cheesy and not really focus on a strict story telling narrative, we had Maddy dress as a boy with a fake mustache, rather than having a boy to make it more funny and free, rather than the plain old narrative of Boy meets girl, and one of them end up heartbroken.
When filming our Mini-Vid we are also getting to grips with the new HD cameras we are going to use next year.

Here is the video too Jason Donavon - Too Many Broken Hearts  taken from Youtube.

Music Quiz - Second Lesson

To begin our introduction to Music Videos, in the second lesson since we came back our class split into groups and made the lessons fun, whilst learning by taking part in the quiz.

The quiz included many different aspects to music, we learnt budgets of some music videos.
The most expensive music video made we learnt was Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson's video made for their duet song Scream, made in 1995 the Budget for this Video was $7,000,000 making it the number 1 in the 10 largest music video budgets in the world. 
During the quiz we also learnt of music videos that have been banned from been seen on T.V or music channels such as MTV, two of them being the iconic Cher And Madonna. Cher's music video for her song in 1989 ' If I Could Turn Back Time' due to controversy over her revealing outfit worn in the video, MTV later relented and played the video after 9pm. 
Madonna's video for 'Justify My Love' in 1990 was banned after it's release on MTV due to the things included such as Bisexuality, Sadomasochism and Erotic and Sexual references, here is a link to Newspaper article about the Banned Video.,,285759,00.html
The music quiz introduced us to different genres of music, including Rock, Heavy Metal, R&B, Pop and many more. Some videos like heavy metal and rock tend to focus more on the narrative of the song when making their music videos.

My Four Favorite Music Videos And Artists

1. My first favorite video and artist is Britney Spears, Hit Me Baby One More Time i like it because it was her first classic song, the song that made Britney who she is today. Below is a link to the video taken from youtube.

2. My second favorite artist and video is Pixie Lott, i don't really have a favorite video by her, i just like all of her songs she has made, i like she type of genre of music.

3. My Third favorite artist is a band, The Backstreet Boys. Below is a video link from them called As Long as you love me.

4. My forth artist is Eminem, his songs are truthful and have a serious point to them as well as funny side, he puts a lot of meaning to his songs i think, and he is a good example of breaking the stereotype of the ' Rapper Image'. Here is a link to Eminem's video Stan which he sang with Dido.